Polar Bears of Svalbard - Sunil Singh
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Where are all the seals?

Where are all the seals?

On an arctic expedition from Svalbard, we went up to 81.2 degrees north looking for polar bears on pack ice.

This was my first experience witnessing the polar bear. My first reaction was to mount 600mm lens and grab frame-filling pictures. After the initial excitement, I switched to shorter lenses to capture this magnificent mammal in its glorious but fast disappearing habitat.

He had let us observe him in his world, a world that was fragile and threatened by rapid climate change. His future was as precarious and fragile as the ice he walked on. Watching this ace predator pacing on this large drift ice at 81 degrees north, I wondered if he was aware.

I imagined a world when these magnificent creatures had plentiful of seals and didn't have to wander for miles and days.

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