Polar Bears of Svalbard - Sunil Singh
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End of the line

End of the line

On an arctic expedition from Svalbard, we spotted this polar bear at about 81 degrees north. He was looking for food but he had to move carefully on thin ice. Here he seems disappointed to reach the edge of the ice without finding any food. Fast melting glaciers and pack ice melting sooner than normal due to climate change have make extinction of this beautiful creature a real threat.

He looked forlorn upon reaching the edge. Was he aware of how fragile his existence had become. It is amazing to watch how fast he moved on thin ice.

This was my first Arctic expedition to see the polar bear in his natural habitat; a few days earlier, we had seen a couple of them on land looking tired and hungry. They were hoping to be lucky for a whale carcass, or else stay hungry until the next freeze up.

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